How to Communicate with Instructor and Students

Moodle provides different ways to communicate with others: messaging and e-mailing (internal or external/Internet).

Moodle's Messaging tool works like most instant messaging systems, but only within the Moodle environment. You can send and receive quick messages to/from ANY other Moodle user, add users to your contact list, block users from sending you messages, and view a history of your messages.

Likewise, Moodle's internal Course Email tool is similar to the Internet e-mail program you use (with its Inbox, Compose, Attach and Send functions) but works only within the Moodle system. Moreover, unlike messaging, e-mailing is restricted to participants in a given class.

How to have email notifications sent from course email to your email outside of Moodle:
  1. Go to the course
  2. Go to the mailbox
  3. Click preferences on left
  4. Select the option "Receive copies of messages in my email" in dropdown menu
  5. Click OK
  6. Repeat for every course you are taking

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