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Follow these easy steps to get the most out of your online experience.
The following instructions apply to free continuing education courses.

If you would like to enroll in a course that requires a registration fee or prior approval, please refer to the sponsoring school/unit's website for additional information.

Step 1

After you create your account, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration by clicking the link provided in the email. Click the confirmation link. You will be redirected to sign in as a Returning User with your username (your email address is your username) and password.

Click on "I Do Not Have a Rutgers NetID" and then enter your username and your password.

(For Rutgers faculty, staff and students their usernames are called "NetIDs". All other users from outside the university do not have NetIDs.)

Moodle login page
Moodle Login Button

Step 2

The first screen you see will be the Continuing Education Course Listing page, showing the different Continuing Education courses offered by various schools/units.

ce course listing

Step 3

When you find the course you want, click the "Enroll" link beside it and then click "Enroll me" to enter.

confirm your enrollment

*If there is no "Enroll me" button available, please read the course summary to the right of the course for further information and instructions on how to enroll in the course. It is likely that it requires a fee or prior approval to gain access to that course.


Step 4

This takes you directly into the course, and you can begin the activities, following the stipulated instructions.

If you need to unenroll from the course you can click the "Uneroll me from ___" link in the Administration block in the right side bar.

unenroll link

Step 5

If you do not complete the course activities in one sitting, you can safely log out using the link in the User Menu, which appears when you click on your name in the right corner of the red menu bar.

logout from Moodle

When ready to continue, just log back in to Moodle at To locate your course:

  1. Open the "My Courses" menu tab in the red navigation bar at the top of the page, or
  2. Scroll further down the page to your list of courses there, and click on the course title to enter.
your courses on your homepage

Step 6

To enroll in other Continuing Education Courses, open up the menu option for "Continuing Education Resources" and select the option you wish.

menu to enroll in other ce courses

If you leave your course before finishing, or prefer to print your credit letter at another time, you can easily return to your course by clicking on the course title on your Moodle home page or "My courses" dropdown in the red navigation bar.

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