Reset Password Moodle 1.9

All users must use a manual password in order to access Moodle 1.9.
  1. When resetting your password, only enter your username or your registered email address in the appropriate box. Do not enter both

    forgot password fields

  2. Check your email from "" with the subject: Moodle @ Rutgers: Change password confirmation.
  3. Click the link in the email which confirms you want to change the password.  This will open a web page noting your request, and you will be sent a second email with a temporary password. This email will have the subject: Moodle @ Rutgers: Changed password.
  4. Check your email. Once you have your temporary password, you can log in through
  5. Once you are logged in with the temporary password, update your password with the change password link in the email, or click here.

After you have clicked the link in the first email, if you do not get a second email within 10 minutes that contains your temporary password or the link to change your new password, please contact Moodle Support (973 972-8676) for assistance.

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