Copy Individual Course Content

The Copy Course Content Tool allows the instructor to copy course content between courses that you are enrolled in. Please note that you must have the Professor role in the course in order to use this tool. 

Follow these steps to copy specific Unit or Items from your past courses into your current/upcoming courses.


  1. The Copy Course Content tool is located in Course Admin.

Select Course Admin


  1. Choose Select Content to Copy.

Select Content Copy


  1. On this page, you will select the source course of the content and the destination course that you wish to copy to. Use the drop down menu to select the term and course title.
    Note: The Source and Destination can be past, current, or the same course as long as you have Professor access in the course

Select Source and Destination


  1. Check the box for the individual items or whole units you would like to copy. Then use the drop down menu to select the location you want it copied to in the Destination Course. See below for an example. When you havce checked off all the content you would like copied, click Next.

Select Items to Copy


  1. This is the Final Review page. It will provide a summary of everything you have selected. The course you are copying from, into the course you want to copy into. On the bottom, it will display which item you have selected to copy and which unit it will be placed into. 

Review selection


  1. If everything looks correct, click Copy Course Content. The confirmation page will let you know that the request has been submitted. You can now go into your course to make sure the content copied over. If you run into any problems or have any questions, please contact the Online Learning Helpdesk at

Confirmation Page


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