Using ExamGuard

ExamGuard is a program used by schools to ensure that students do not have access to other resources while taking an exam, quiz, or other assignment. This typically is used to discourage cheating while in such assignments, but can be used for whatever needs may arise. The Respondus LockDown Browser enables the course website to prevent all computer activity outside of the exam for the duration of the exam, while having a minimal impact to the computer’s overall operation while not in use. In order to accomplish this, the Respondus software is installed to the computer as a stand-alone program, to be used by the web browser when the proper configuration is used within a course.

When taking an exam using the ExamGuard tool users will not be able to:

  • Print the exam
  • Copy and Paste anything from or to the exam.
  • Go to another URL or website.
  • Minimize the browser window.
  • Use menu options or control keys.
  • Use right-click options.
  • Start new applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Go to another area or tool in the Course.

If you do have a test that uses ExamGuard, you will be prompted on the exam Start Page to download the software before you take the exam. (The exam Start Page is the first page you will see when you click on the Exam.)


Before you begin your exam

  • You must download ExamGuard before you can access your exam.
  • Download ExamGuard before the date and time of your exam, so that you are prepared on the scheduled test day.
  • If you are using an audio program while starting ExamGuard, you will not be able to access your audio player until you finish your exam or close the ExamGuard window.
  • Do not click on the Begin Exam button until it is time to take the exam and you are ready to take it.


Instructions on how to install ExamGuard

Taking an Exam with ExamGuard

Common Errors


How to add ExamGuard to an Exam
**For Instructors Only**



Instructions on how to install ExamGuard


  1. If your exam is using ExamGuard, the link to download the application is located on the Start page for the exam.

    eCollege course main page, arrow pointing to blue link to access exam gaurd
  2. After you have clicked on the link to view and download, you will see the download button. If you are using a Mac you will see two different links, please use the 32-Bit version.
    1. WINDOWS
      Exam Gaurd download page
    2. MAC
      ExamGaurd download page with links to where to download the app.
  3. Follow the Installiation Wizard and RESTART your browser when it is complete. You are now ready to take your Exam.

When taking an exam using ExamGuard, you do not need to open the application on your computer.
Go directly into the exam in your web browser and your computer will automatically open ExamGuard.



Taking an Exam with ExamGuard


  1. Once you have ExamGuard installed on your computer. Go to your exam start page and click the Begin Exam button. (For demonstration purposes this exam is called "Practice Example". Your exam will have a different name)

    eCollege page with a red arrow pointing to the start option
  2. On the next page you will just a brief description about the exam. Information include the exam's time limit and number of attempts allowed.

    eCollege exam page
  3. After you have clicked Begin Exam, your computer will automatically open up ExamGuard and start the exam. If you have any 3rd party applications opened, you will be prompted to close them.

    Examguard close app window. With a yes or no button
  4. Pressing the button, "Click to begin Exam and Start Time" will start your exam.
    Button to start the timer



Common Errors


  1. Clicking on ExamGuard in your Start Menu or Applications folder does not open the exam.
    When taking an exam using ExamGuard, you do not need to open the application on your computer. Go directly into the exam in your web browser and your computer will automatically open ExamGuard.
  2. Clicking on the Begin Exam does not lauch the Exam.
    After you have finished installing ExamGuard, restarting the brower is required. In addition, check your pop up settings to make sure pop ups are enabled for this page. Click your browser for instructions: 
    Chrome logo Chrome -  Firefox - Safari Logo Safari - Internet Explore logo Internet Explorer
  3. ExamGuard not working on a Mac.
    Make sure you downloaded the 32bit version of ExamGuard and not the 64bit. After installing the 32bit version, restart the browser and try starting your exam on Safari or Chrome/Firefox. Make sure pop up blockers are temporarily disabled.
  4. If you are having any other problems with ExamGuard, please click here or call 1-877-778-8437 (Available 24/7).

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