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Canvas Announcements is a native tool in all Canvas courses, which instructors may use to post information that the entire class should know.  Course announcements are often used to welcome students to the course, and post updates and reminders about course content.  

Canvas Announcements can also be replied to, making them a potential Question & Answer tool. Replies to announcements may occur inside of Canvas or as a reply to an email notification.  You can allow “likes” by students or only by graders to add an additional level of interaction.  Announcements may be available as an RSS feed or an external RSS feed may be added to post to your Canvas Announcements.   


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Canvas allows students to reply to Announcements right from their email. This offers greater flexibility and time savings, but may take a little getting used to. For the first few weeks of a course, you may wish to add a footnote to your announcements such as:  “If you are viewing this message in your email and reply to it, your reply will be posted publicly in our course.  If your response or question is of a personal nature, please use the Inbox tool and message me privately.”

Here is a sample announcement for you to post.  Give it a try in your Canvas sandbox:

Title: Welcome to ___Course Title___.

Body of Message:

Welcome to ___Online Course___, Semester YYYY.

As we begin this course, here are a few preparatory steps you should take.

Required: Please read all the items in the Syllabus, Start Here, and the Course Essentials module [<—Link to each content item]. This includes information on course materials, course policies, support services, and your instructor, as well as forums for socializing and for asking course questions.

Good Idea: Ensure your email address is up to date, in your Canvas account Profile (see Updating Your Profile in Course Tools <–Link). If you are new to Canvas, review the Student Orientation Tutorial.

Good Idea: Configure or double-check your notifications settings, and be sure to enable notifications of Announcements and Conversations (see Updating Your Profile in Course Tools  <–Link)).  Course emails may wind up in your spam filter; if so, you can usually stop the problem by adding to your email’s whitelist or exceptions list.

Important: Please bookmark the Rutgers Canvas log-in page using the direct login URL ( in case Rutgers’ NetID authentication service is unavailable. If NetID or Rutgers is not available, you can still gain access to this course by logging in directly at the above page.

Required:  Finally, begin Module 1 <–Link.  All activities must be completed by Day 7 (Sunday).

Welcome to Canvas! Remember to sign up for an Introduction to Canvas session.


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