How do I add users to my course? (Instructors)

Registered users are added through an automated process if the course is linked to a Rutgers course roster or if the course is linked to Canvas in ANCOR for non-credit offerings.  Canvas also makes it possible to add additional participants not enrolled through the automated processes.  This may include additional faculty, TA's, guest presenters and course auditors or observers.

Note:  In order to add a participant to a course in Canvas the participant must have an active Canvas account.  You will be notified during the process if Canvas is unable to locate an account for the participant.

Adding Users

  1. Open your course in Canvas and click the People link in Course Navigation.
  2. Click the + People button in the upper right of the People page.

Entering Users

Although users can be added using their email address, Login ID or SIS ID it is strongly recommended to only add users using the Login ID.  For Rutgers faculty, staff and students this will be the users Net ID. For participants who do not have a NetID, their email address will also be their Login ID.

While the Email Address option may work, most faculty, staff and students have multiple email addresses and Canvas will only recognize the address set as the default email in the users account.
  1. Select Login ID under Add user(s) by heading.
  2. Enter the users Net ID or email address as appropriate in the search box.  Entries can be either separated by a comma as in the Example: or by a line break as shown in the search box.
    Note: If you have a list of users in a spreadsheet, multiple user Login ID's can be copied and pasted from a column.
  3. Select the desired Role for the user.  The most common are Teacher, TA or Student.  A full list of available Roles and the associated permissions is available here.
    Note: Some departments may have custom roles only available to the department and are not listed in this article.
  4. Select the desired Section to add the user to if applicable.
  5. In courses with multiple sections, participation can be limited to a specific section by checking the box for Can interact with users in their section only.
  6. Click Next when the above steps are complete.

Verify Users

If a user account has been found, verify that the correct user is listed and click Add Users to complete the process.  The user will be sent an invitation with a link to the course.

If a user account(s) was not found you will receive a warning notification as shown below:

When this occurs email the teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) Help Desk at with the users first and last name along with the users Rutgers email address and NetID where applicable.

View Pending Enrollment

Until the user accepts the course invitation, the user's status will display as pending.

Note: It could take up to 24 hours for users to receive their invitations. Canvas will not consider the user to be enrolled—and won't recognize the user anywhere in Canvas (this includes Conversations)—until the invitation has been accepted. If necessary, you can resend course invitations.

Note: If a user was added with the wrong role in the course it is possible to edit a user's role in Canvas.

Note: If a user was added to the wrong section in the course it is possible to edit a users section in Canvas.

If you need any assistance with this process or have any questions, please contact the Teaching and Learning with Technology(TLT) Help Desk at or call 877-361-1134 24/7/365.

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