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ProctorTrack is an tool for monitoring online exams which utilizes an automated, proctorless approach to ensure exam taking integrity.  A course prep module is available in Canvas Commons that includes information on how to enable ProctorTrack in your course and information to share with your students. Sample syllabus statements, announcements, and links to a knowledge base are also present.

  • You must enable proctoring on each of your exams every semester. Proctoring settings are not retained during Course Copy/Import. 
  • Students must take an Onboarding Quiz to establish a baseline profile before they will be able to take a proctored exam.  A sample onboarding quiz is provided in the course prep module.
  • If you have never imported from Canvas Commons before you may want to review Importing from Canvas Commons.

Adding ProctorTrack to your course

Access Canvas Commons by clicking on the Commons link in the Global Navigation in Canvas.

Enter Rutgers in the search field to locate Rutgers content.

Locate and click the title for ProctorTrack Set-up Module and Documentation

Enabling ProctorTrack in your course

Once the import has completed you can go to your course and click on Modules in the Course Navigation.  You will see a module named Course Prep/Communication -->Leave Unpublished at the bottom of your Modules.

The first section contains items intended for instructor use only and should remain unpublished.   These items will provide detailed instructions on enabling and using ProctorTrack and include:
  • Enable ProctorTrack for Onboarding Quiz and Exams. 
  • Instructor Quick Start Guide 
  • ProctorTrack Knowledgebase 
The second section contains a sample onboarding quiz and documentation intended for students.  Although they will show as published, because the module that was imported is unpublished, they will need to be moved to an appropriate published module in the course such as Course Essentials in order for students to access these items.

Enabling Proctortrack for a Quiz / Exam

If you do not see ProctorTrack listed in the Course Navigation on the left side you will need to go to Settings > Navigation in your course and enable the tool.  See How do I manage Course Navigation links? for detailed instructions.

Click ProctorTrack in your Course Navigation to open the Proctortrack Admin Console.
  1. Test Progress Overview - This area highlights the number of students who have are being proctored, processed and how many have passed or require attention.
  2. The test area is populated with all of the exams listed the exam name as it appears in Canvas, a ProctorTrack ID, the exam access code which is automatically transferred to an exam if proctoring is selected and the ProctorTrack exam settings.
  3. Access Code - Automatically generated by ProctorTrack.  If proctoring is enabled, the code is automatically entered into the quiz settings. 
  4. Proctoring switch - clicking this icon toggles proctoring on / off for an exam.  Blue indicates that proctoring is enabled.
  5. Onboarding switch - click this icon to designate an exam or quiz as the onboarding quiz. Onboarding will also be designated after the quiz's name when enabled.
  6. Proctoring settings - clicking this icon and selecting 'Go to Configuration'  will allow an instructor to change the proctoring parameters specifying what actions are required or allowed.  These are fully explained in the configuration panel.
  7. ProctorTrack Support - click here to initiate a Live Chat session with ProctorTrack support.


  • An Onboarding Quiz is required.  One has been provided in the Course Prep/Communication -->Leave Unpublished​ module or you can create your own.  Any quiz or exam in your course can be designated for onboarding.
  • As of January 2018, Teaching and Learning with Technology will cover all fees associated with proctoring.  Students and departments will not be billed. Please email with any questions.
  • A best practice for proctoring is to state in the course syllabus that there is a proctoring requirement and that a web camera is required.  Sample text is available in the Course Prep/Communication -->Leave Unpublished module
  • Important:  Please do not share the quiz/exam access code with your students.  The proctoring solution will do this for you.
  • In case you need assistance, please email or by clicking the ProctorTrack Help icon in the ProctorTrack Dashboard.  You may also search the ProctorTrack Knowledge base. (external link)

Additional Resources (external links)

ProctorTrack technical requirements
Student User Manual
ProctorTrack Knowledge base.

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