How do I set up Respondus Lockdown Browser for an assessment in Sakai?

Log in and access your Sakai course. Click on the Tests and Quizzes tool
How do I set up my assessment to use Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Go to the assessment to which you wish to add the Respondus Lockdown browser option
Image highlighting the area that you would click on for exam status
  • If the assessment is not yet published, go to the Working Copies section to find the assessment.
  • If the assessment is already published, go to the Published Copies section to find the assessment.

Next to the assessment you wish to edit, click the dropdown and select the Settings option.
image highlighting the area the exam settings menu

Under the Availability and Submissions menu, find the Ensure Students Take Exams From Specific Location option and click it
image showing where to find the sub menu

In the Ensure Students Take Exam From Specific Location, find the section labeled Required Locked Browser
image showing which options to select
  1. The option is automatically selected as None. Select Respondus Lockdown Browser option.
  2. The Exit Password selection is optional. This feature requires students to enter a password to exit the assessment.
  3. Click Save to enable Respondus Lockdown Browser.
  4. To disable Respondus Lockdown Browser, go back into the same setttings as outlined above and select None and save the settings.

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