Getting a course on Canvas

This page is for faculty looking to teach using the Canvas Learning Management System.

Requesting a course through the Course Scheduling Systems.


To request your Canvas course site to be automatically created for new terms through the Rutgers Course Scheduling System (CSS) within SIMS or BANNER, please work with your departmental administrators or departmental course editors to accurately code your course offering. For any course section, please ensure the following:

Rutgers SIMS

  • Add Print Comments: select code 5 - "Go to"
  • Instructor Assignments: add NetID of the instructor
  • Course Role: "IN - Instructor"

Rutgers BANNER

  • Instructional Method Code: select code "CA"
  • Enter the Instructor ID and check the "Primary Instructor"
  • Level Code/Offering School is not null
  • Instructor NetID is not null

Course and Template requests will be also accepted via email


Please send an email with the request and include:

  • Rutgers NetID
  • SIMS Reg Index Number or BANNER Course reference Number (CRN)
  • If you do not have that information, please provide the course code and include the section


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