Turning Technologies

What is Turning Technologies?

Turning Technologies, a powerful way making presentations more immersive with creative engaging interactive experiences. Straight forward response technology. You can ask a question, participants respond and you can then share results that will increase engagement with a firm deeper learning.

Turning Technologies provides faculty and students with an Audience Response System that can be used in classrooms. Currently there are Sakai integrations for TurningPoint v.5 and TuringPoint Cloud.  Turning Technologies has ceased supporting TP5 and strongly suggests faculty move to the new Cloud version. The TP5 Sakai integration (labeled TurningTechnologies) can be added to any Sakai site by adding it as a Tool in the site.  The TPC integration can be added by requesting accessing from Rutgers Teaching and Learning with Technology.

ResponseCard RF LCD devices are still compatible with TPC and are available to students through the Rutgers University Bookstore. Course instructors are advised to contact the Bookstore prior to the start of the semester to inform them of how many devices they will need to run their class so they can ensure enough devices are acquired for student purchase.

Additional resources:

Visit Turning Technologies for user guides, or video tutorials.

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