How to download the Respondus Lockdown Browser

Navigate to Tests and Quizzes and locate your assessment

Image showing what would appear if an instructor has required Respondus LockDown Browser on an assessment

Select Begin Assessment

Image highlighting the area that you would click on that states 'begin assessment'
If you have the Respondus Lockdown Browser downloaded, please open the Lockdown Browser to access your assessment on Sakai. If not, you will be prompted you to download Respondus.

Click the download link

image highlighting the area where you can download Respondus which is located directly on your assessment screen stating 'click here to download'

Download, and then follow the installer steps on your computer

image showing what you would see if you are following the steps above to install Respondus.  Highlighted is the 'install now' button.

Once you have downloaded the Lockdown Browser, you must use this browser to access your assessment on Sakai. You will not be able to proceed with the assessment if you are using another browser.

Note: At the time of this articles publication, the direct link to the Respondus download is:

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