How to view the courses you have access to in Sakai

Navigate to My Workspace

Image highlighting the top area of the Sakai web page where you can select 'my workspace'

The My Workspace tool is in the top left corner of your Sakai page.

Select Course Membership

Location on the left hand side of the site where you can click and select your 'course membership'

Use the drop down menu to select your term.

Image showing the course membership check area where you can select the term you are looking for your course in

Clicking on the term will open a drop down menu. After selecting your term, select Change Term.

View your course memberships for your selected term

Image showing an example of what you might see with numbers indicating the areas below the image that are important
  1. Displays your course number
  2. Displays the title of the site
  3. Displays the name of the instructor
  4. Displays whether or not your site your site is published.

Note: You can be registered for a course, but the instructor may have not released the course site yet.

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