How to change your email linked to your Sakai account

Type in the address bar:

Image showing the address bar of a web browser with the address pointing to

Click Manage Email Addresses.

Image showing a highlighted area on the left side of that you would click on for 'manage email address' to update your address

Log in with your NetID and Password.

 Image showing the CAS window where you enter your Rutgers NetID and password to access most web applications

Type in your email in the Delivery Email Account.

 Image showing the area at the bottom of 'manage email addressed' where you list your 'Official Rutgers Email Adress' with notes below the image regarding each area
  1. Type in your official Rutgers email address.
    • *Note: It must have at the end. It is recommended that you use your Personlized Email Address.
  2. Submit request.
    • *Note: It will take about 15 minutes to update within the Rutgers system.


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