How do I view my grades in Sakai?

To access this tool, select Gradebook from the Tool Menu of your site.

highlighted location of the gradebook button

Your grades will be displayed in the table

Gradebook view, showing the 6 areas that a student might need to know with details below the image for each
  1. Course Grade - If your professor has released the course grade, it will be displayed here. It can be displayed as a percentage or as a letter grade.
  2. Gradebook Item - This column lists the categories for the gradebook, as well as the items in each. Use the arrow to collaspe or expand the gradebook category.
  3. Grade - This column lists the grade for the gradebook item.
  4. Weight - This column displays the gradebook category weighting.
  5. Due Date - This column is shows the due dates for the assignment.
  6. Comments - This column displays any feedback the instructor left on your gradebook item.


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