How to resubmit an assignment

Click on the submitted assignment.

Image highlighting the area where you would click to find and select your assignment

Click Remove.

Next to your previously submitted assignment should be a remove button for you to remove your submission

Click Browse.

Highlighted browse button that would need to be clicked to locate and submit a new file

Select File and Open.

Image showing the window that would appear after clicking browse to locate a file on your local machine

Click Resubmit.

Location of resubmit button highlighted after attaching a file back to the assignment

If Inline submission:

Image showing what an inline resubmission would look like.  Wysiwig editor on top and open text field below

If you are resubmitting an assignment from inline text, erase the original post and type in the content yo would like to submit.

Click Resubmit.

Resubmit button highlighted to click on after file or open text has been updated

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