How to submit an assignment

First you will want to locate your assignment in the assignment list.

Click on the assignment.  Which is located in your assignment list.

Click on the assignment that is currently due.

3 locations detailing what you see on an assignment page.  Listed below image.
  1. Displays the assignment in progress.
  2. The assignment title, due date, number of submissions, status, maximum points for the assignment, modifications by the instructor, and instructions given by the professor.
  3. Students have the option of typing the text using the Assignment text as a form of submission. Students are able to type in text, upload images and videos.

Submitting through Attachments.

Image showing the attachment window with the browse button.
Students can also submit an assignment by attaching a document or PDF file as a form of submission.

Click Browse.

Browse for upload button highlighted on the attachment window.

Click on the assignment.

Image showing the popup window that is selected after clicking browse, where you locate the file you are going to submit.
Click on the assignment and then click Open.

Click Submit.

At the bottom of the image is highlighted the submit button to finally attach your document to the assignment.

Select the Submit button when you are ready to submit.


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