Editing Your Moodle Profile

Your profile contains information that can be viewed by students and instructors when they click on your name. It is also where you define how you will receive forum postings. To enhance your profile, we recommend that you also upload a picture of yourself, which will be displayed next to your forum posts and on your profile.


Updating Your Profile

To get started, watch the Video Demo, and then update your own profile.

Please note that the video demonstration may not have all the same blocks and headings as what you see in your course, but the general concept is the same.

Click on the "My profile settings" link that is located on the left hand side of this course and click "Edit profile".

For a smooth Moodle experience at Rutgers, we recommend that you:

Step 1

Update your profile, with the following settings:

  • EMAIL DISPLAY - Allow everyone to see my email address
  • EMAIL DIGEST TYPE - Complete (daily email with full posts)
  • FORUM AUTO-SUBSCRIBE - No, don't automatically subscribe me to forums
  • FORUM TRACKING - Yes, highlight new posts for me
  • CITY/TOWN - please enter your city of residence and state, e.g. "Newark, NJ"
  • TIME ZONE - if you are NOT in the Eastern timezone, please make sure to select a city closest to where you live, so that important dates such as submission dates and exam open/close dates are displayed in your own time
  • DESCRIPTION - a brief summary of your major and your interests and anything you would like to share about yourself
Step 2

Upload your Photo

How to Update Your Profile
(Video Demo)

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