Barnes and Noble College Canvas Integration (Students)

Linking Canvas to the Rutgers University Official Bookstore Website (1st time cross-over)

Step 1:Login to Canvas with your student credentials.

Step 2:Choose your course from your dashboard.

Step 3:Click on Purchase Course Materials from the left-hand navigation bar.

Step 4:Within the list of tools, you will see the following link:
  • Purchase Course Materials – clicking this link will take you to the campus bookstore, where you will be prompted to sign in or create a bookstore account to purchase course materials. Course materials will appear here in all the available formats (new, used, rental, digital).
Step 5:Click on Purchase Course Materials
  • You will now be redirected to the Rutgers University Official Bookstore website.
Step 6:Create your account, or login with your bookstore username and password.
  • Your course information will auto-populate to match the course you chose in Canvas, and your course materials will show.
Step 7:Your Canvas account is now paired with the bookstore website.
  • When you use the Purchase Course Materials link in the future, you will be sent directly to your course materials.

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