iclicker Integration for Canvas

What is iclicker?

iclickers allow instructors to ask questions and gather student responses during a lecture. Clicker systems are also commonly called Classroom Response Systems, or Audience Response Systems.iClicker image

In iclicker systems, each student uses a device, an “iclicker”, that looks like a TV remote to answer questions posed by the instructor. Summaries of student responses can be shown in real time to both instructors and students. Answers are stored electronically for later viewing.


How do I install it?


Instructors are advised to use the most current version of the i>clicker software with Canvas.


  1. Instructors will need to download the software directly from the i>clicker site: https://www1.iclicker.com/downloads-release-notes/
  2. After the program is installed, you will need to run/open it once. 
  3. Close the program.
  4. After the first initiation, a new set of folders will be added to your computer.  In the iclicker folder, you will need to add the XML file linked here to the 'resources' folder created on the i>clicker install.
  5. Now you should be able to open the iclicker software and navigate to the gradebook tab to sync your roster and being using the tool.


Integrate_Canvas_Instructor_Guide_v2.3.pdf Integrate_Canvas_Instructor_Guide_v2.3.pdf
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