Copying Canvas Course Content

Copy content from another Canvas course when you want to use or repurpose previously created content including course settings, syllabus, assignments, modules, files, pages, discussions, quizzes, and question banks. You can also copy or adjust events and due dates.

  Important Notes:
  • Draft State settings are retained in course imports. If an assignment is unpublished in a course, the assignment will also be unpublished in the content import.

  • Importing a course more than once may have unintended consequences. If you import content into a new course, edit the content in the new course, and later import the previous content again, the imported content will override the existing content.

  • If you are using ProctorTrack in your source course, please navigate to the ProctorTrack Dashboard in your source course and disable proctoring for each exam. Once you complete the course copy, you may re-enable proctoring for your exams in the destination course.


Open Settings

In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.

canvas settings page for prof

Import Content into Course

Click the Import Content into this Course button on the right menu in settings.

import from button in menu

Select Content Type & Search for a Course

  1. In the Content Type drop-down menu, select the Copy a Canvas Course option.

  2. In the Search for a course drop-down menu, select the course you would like to access. You can also choose to include completed courses by selecting the completed courses checkbox. OR To search for a course by name, enter the name in the Course Name field. Click the name of the course when it appears.

Note: If you are an instructor, you can only import content from your previous courses. Admins can import content from any course in the account.

import content page in canvas

Example: After checking the box for "Include completed courses", you will be able to see courses taught in past semesters and templates in the Default term.

select course to copy

Select Content to Copy

choose content to copy in canvas
  1. To import all content from the course, select the All Content radio button.

  2. If you want to select specific content, click the Select specific content radio button.

Note: If you select the specific content option, you are required to select the content you want to import after you review the remaining page options. After you start importing the content, the import selection cannot be canceled.


Adjust Events and Due Dates

adjust dates in canvas content copy

If you want to adjust the due dates associated with the course events and assignments, click the Adjust events and due dates checkbox.


Import Course when Ready


After Specifying the Course you'd like to copy from, Selected the Content, and made any Changes to the Due Dates, you can click the Import Button. You will be brought to the Current Job's page to see the progress. Once the status is Completed, your content has be copied over into your current course.

import button
current jobs canvas page

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