Importing Blackboard Export into Canvas

Importing the Content into Canvas

The second step of your Canvas migration is to import your course files into Canvas. Please see the instructions below.

Note: Depending on the complexity of your course content structure, you may have to do some content reorganization. This is a good opportunity to reevaluate your course structure. If you need further assistance, please contact the Office of Instructional Design and schedule a consultation.
  1. Navigate to the Canvas course into which you want to import your course content.
  2. Click Settings on the left-hand navigation menu.

     canvas course menu

  3. Click Import Content into this Course on the right-hand navigation menu.

    canvas settings options
  4. Click the Select One dropdown box.

    canvas import selection

  5. Select the Blackboard 6/7/8/9 export .zip file option.

    canvas import content selection

  6. Click the Browse button to navigate to the location where you stored your exported Blackboard course files.

    browse button

  7. Select the exported Blackboard course file you want to upload and click Open.
  8. Select the radio button option for All content.
  9. Click the Import button to begin importing your course files to Canvas
  10. When the importing of your course files is complete, you will see a notification in the “Import Content” area that your import job has been completed. You will also see an error log notifying you of any issues encountered during the import.
    canvas status page

  11. At this point you are done. Your Blackboard course content has been imported into Canvas! You will want to explore your new Canvas course, and ensure that your content is organized and displayed as you want students to see it.

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