Adding Instructional Designer into your Sakai Site

Our Instructional Designers will need access to your Sakai site in order to move over the content. Please follow the instructions below on how to add us to your course. 

1. Go to Site Info.
Select the Site Info tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

2. Click Add Participants.

3. Add participant information.
  1. For participants with official usernames, under "Other Official Participants", type ml1301
  2. Ignore this box
  3. Select "Assign all participants to the same role"
  4. Select "Active"
  5. Click Continue

4. Choose participant role.

Select the Instructor Role and the click Continue.

5. Choose to send or not send a notification email.

Don't Send a notification. By completing this request process, the Office of Instructional Design will be notified of your course migration request.

6. Confirm addition of participants.

Review the list of site participants and their roles to confirm that they will be added to your site.

If the information is correct, click the Finish button.

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