Enrolling in an Online Course

Current Rutgers Students

Using the University Schedule of Classes you may specify the term, location and level of study to search for all online courses.

Once you have found the course, you will use that 5 digit reg index number to register for your course on the Web Registration System.

For questions, comments or suggestions contact the Camden Help Desk, Newark Help Desk, or New Brunswick Help Desk.

Taking a Summer or Winter Course

If you are interested in taking Summer or Winter Course at Rutgers, please visit their websites below to find information:

  • Course Search
  • Registration Information
  • Important Dates
  • Payment Information
  • Student Resources

New Brunswick



Students from another University or Institution

If you are currently a student at another university or institution and would like to take Rutgers courses for credits or to fulfill a degree requirement, please contact the Visiting Students office.

Visiting Students Office
Website: visiting.rutgers.edu/home
Phone: 732-932-7922
Email: rcs@docs.rutgers.edu

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