How do I find my class?

This page is for students taking undergraduate or graduate classes for credit.
Please note: some courses may not be available until the first day of the semester.
Searching the University Schedule of Classes

Section Comments

Section Comments on the Schedule of Classes website may specify the LMS.

section notes comments from soc Click to view larger screenshot
Searching within the Learning Management System


  1. Log into your Sakai Account

  2. On the My Workspace Homepage, click on the Course Membership Tool link.
    sakai course management tool link Click to view larger screenshot

  3. You will see a list of your registered courses by term.

    • Only courses with a "Yes" under In Site? have been created inside Sakai.
    • However if you do not see a Yes under Published?, then this means the Instructor has not given students access yet.
    sakai course management tool link Click to view example screenshot


  1. Log into your Canvas Account

  2. From the Canvas Dashboard, click on Courses Icon and click on the All Courses link.
    Canvas course panel

  3. This page will show all Canvas courses you were added into. You will only be able to access the course if it is Published.

    Canvas courses page Click to view example screenshot


  1. Log into your Blackboard Account

  2. Once logged in, you click on Courses on the navigation menu.
    blackboard course management tool

  3. If you know you are using Blackboard but the course is not listed, please call 973-353-5083

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